A Snippet of Me


Jermil and I co-created this site with many of the other black people of the planet Earth who share images and videos of their yoga practice. The goal is to increase awareness in the Black community of the benefits of begininng a yoga practice. Please visit the site to listen to the podcast! And if you're a yoga teacher of color, add your name to the directory!


Spending time in Guatemala immersed in so much natural agriculture allowed me to consider the world around me in a new light. Upon my return to the states, I had the pleasure of becoming a Certified Permaculture Designer thanks to my amazing instructor Koreen Brennan! Click the link to find out more about Permaculture and how it moves your soul!

Shipt and Uber!!

Shipt is a grocery delivery service, in case it's not in your area yet. Use my SHIPT LINK to get $10 back when you sign up! Uber is the Taxi service of the future! Use my UBER LINK to get your first ride free! I'm reppin their shit because I love it, so download the apps and use my discount codes!


Take me back! Pero necessito mas practico con mi espanol?? lol Living in Guatemala for 8 months was like travelling back in time in so many ways. One of my favorite things about living in Guatemala was the Mother's Day Celebrations! People went so far to show their mom some love. Check out the Antigua Guatemala blog below to get a glimpse of this magical throwback destination.


One of the BEST years of my life hands down! Love the ROK! I lived in Daejeon, South Korea for one year as an ESL teacher back in 2009. I'm not sure if anyone has more love for their Korean experience than me! lol! Epic. The love of my life actually made a helpful blog about his Korean experience. Check it out below!


When I'm not bitterly focused on debt, I'm thankful for such an amazing college experience! Nole til I die. And so much more.

Feeling Some Kinda Way

Hidden Colors

A Tariq Nasheed Production

I saw this film recently and it blew me away. Everyone in America should watch it. "Hidden Colors is a documentary about the real and untold history of people of color around the globe. This film discusses some of the reasons the contributions of African and aboriginal people have been left out of the pages of history. Traveling around the country, the film features scholars, historians, and social commentators who uncovered such amazing facts about things such as: The original image of Christ; The true story about the Moors; The original people of Asia; The great west African empires; The presence of Africans in America before Columbus; The real reason slavery was ended And much more."

Abraham Hicks

What You Want Is In The Process Of Becoming

This video is just a snippet from an Abraham Hicks workshop. I discovered Abraham via the book The Secret. I vibe what she has to say and I was drawn to her for some reason. Maybe you can find some resonance with some of her words as well.